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No Free Lunch Dogs has been built on a unique idea of bringing a simple to understand Puppy Obedience Training Course to dog owners worldwide without a monetary charge involved. Simply put: "For the Love of your Dog".

Our mission is to help dog owners throughout the world realize their full potential in training and living harmoniously with their beloved canine friends. Our focus is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good, responsible homes by equipping novice and experienced canine owners alike with all the information needed to help them, and their canines live very happily through kindness, respect, commitment, proper training, and responsibly caring for their dog.

"No Free Lunch Dog Training" method allows your puppy to have poise and dignity while you lovingly help them understand how to earn their rank in your family pack order. Just like a parent teaches a child. This results in a great desire to please you. Decide in advance How you are going to React to your Puppy. It is not what happens to you or your puppy that counts. What counts, is how you react and how you teach your puppy to react to what happens to you and your Puppy, especially when you have unexpected problems of any kind.

This awesome, No Free Lunch Dog lifestyle training strategy can be done with a dog of any age. By practicing this type of loving, assertive, discipline with your precious friend, you will have that dog who has a solid obedience education, is a joy to live with, responds well to all your routines, has good manners in the presence of people and other animals, and you and your dog will fully enjoy all the blessings of each others company. Take the time to provide the proper training, intellectual stimulation, necessary physical activity and love for your beloved canine friend. Being kind, consistent and letting your dog know that you are the alpha, pack leader in a way that your dog keeps their dignity and has a special rank in the family pack order is very important.

To learn more - Try our Free Puppy Training Course It has much more detailed information and examples that can help you and your puppy bond and become that Dynamic Duo and live happily together. There is no monetary charge what-so-ever for this wealth of information.

To learn all the basic training that your dog will ever need:
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